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    Apple Releases FaceTime for Mac OS X

    During today’s Back To Mac event, Apple released a beta version of their FaceTime client for Mac OS X.

    FaceTime was initially released earlier this year with the iPhone 4 running iOS 4.  My junior blogger, Meghan and I called my father, who has an iPhone 4, and I have to say that FaceTime is a super cool, easy to use video chat application.

    To use FaceTime, you need to download the Mac OS X beta application from the Apple website.  Once you install the app, you sign-in to Apple’s system using your Apple ID.  Apple IDs are free, and if you are purchasing content from the iTunes Store, you already have an Apple ID.  You also have the option of adding a different email account as your “phone number” to make calls from your Mac.

    To make a call with FaceTime on your Mac, you start the app, and then click a name in the right window pane which contact the contacts you have in your Mac OS X Address Book application.

    For more information on FaceTime for Mac OS X, check out the Apple FaceTime website.

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    Studio Execs: Are You Sure Apple Doesn’t Have It Right? I Think They Do.

    Earlier this month, Apple introduced the second generation Apple TV.  At about a quarter of the size of the first generation model, the new Apple TV emphasizes steaming content over having to sync and manage content from iTunes running on your Mac or Windows PC.

    Along side the introduction of the new Apple TV, Steve Jobs introduced a new 99 cent TV show rental model.  The idea that you would rent your favorite TV shows and movies rather than watching them on TV (does any one actually watch TV shows when they “air” anymore?), your DVR (I honestly don’t have a DVR), or a DVD from your local BlockBuster, library, etc.

    Over the last few days, we’ve started hearing studio execs talking about the “value” of their content and that it is worth more than 99 cents.  For example, Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman was quoted as saying “The 99-cent rental is not a good price point,” and that “[I]t doesn’t work for us.” (AppleInsider.com…)

    We’re all entitled to our opinions.  When I look around at some of the shows that are on TV today, I’m hard pressed to see the “value” in a lot of whats on.  I absolutely refuse to watch a so called reality TV show; regardless of whether it’s American Idol, Survivor, Kate Plus 8, Jersey Shore…the list goes on, and on, regrettably.  I do like watching scripted dramas, but I tend to watch more and more TV on my MacBook.  But I degrees.

    I think that the 99 cent price point does makes sense.  Depending on what show, and whether it’s standard def or high def, to purchase a show, it will cost you $1.99 – $2.99 an episode.  If the rental price is low enough, I’m more inclined to “impulse rent.”  If I have to think about whether or not to rent the show, I’ll start thinking about the various options: the studio’s own website, Hulu, Netflix, a local library, or an app on my iPad or mobile phone.  I can also go rent a DVD for about $5.00 which will include four episodes.

    The definition of “value” aside, I still think that the studios stand to make some money from Apple’s 99 cent plan.  There are free TV options out there, but I’m willing to pay a fee to watch TV on my Mac or Apple TV if I’m getting entertainment value, as well as an ease of use or convenience value out of it.  Sure, 99 cents sounds reasonable for a 22-45 minute TV show.

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    Rumor: Apple To Give Mobile Me Subscriptions Away

    File this under “Crazy Ass Rumor of the Week”, but if Electronista.com and MacDailyNews.com are right, Apple might be feeling some pressure from Google’s free cloud services.

    “A tentative new rumor asserts that Apple may turn MobileMe into a free service. The plan would drop the $99 annual fee and let anyone with an iPad, iPod, iPhone or Mac get the online sync service for free.”

    “Free MobileMe access would likely be a shot across the bow of Google, for whom online sync has been an inherent feature in most of its software. Android users can sync accounts and contacts for free through Google’s existing services. Apple handheld owners can already sync Google features to some extent but don’t have the live updating of more unless they use Exchange or MobileMe.”

    Personally, the only reason why I don’t have a MobileMe.com account is that I really don’t feel like paying Apple another $69-99 a year for an email account – all be it a really handy email account. If the service was made available to me for free since I own two iPods, an iPad, a MacBook, and my recently purchased 17-inch MacBook Pro, hell ya, I’d jump on MobileMe in a second. Google who?

    Until we get some more details, however, I’m going to stick with my Google Gmail and Calendar accounts.

    [Via Electronista.com…]

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    Admitting I Have a Problem

    Another long work day has come to an end and I’m “degearing” for the night. Just a few minutes ago, I realized why my blog has the word “Fanatics” in it.

    Right now, on my person, I’m carrying my Sprint Palm Pre, a 2G Apple iPhone, a 5th gen iPod, my iPad, and my new company issued Verizon BlackBerry Storm2 9550. Oh, and let’s not forget the 17-inch MacBook Pro that I needed at work today.

    So, I have to ask myself, why the hell and I carrying all this gear anyway? “They” say that admitting you have a problem is the first step. I’ll have to pencil that into my calendar at some point?

    I’ll have to take a break from all of this technology by drinking this can of Diet Coke.