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    PDF Reader: iPad Edtion 1.0

    It’s time for another Mobile Apps 360 review. This time I cover Kdan’s PDF Reader iPad Edition.

    I found myself needing to read a PDF attachment today. I was away from my office, and I didn’t want to try to read the email attachment on my BlackBerry knowing full well that I had an 9.7-inch iPad in my bag.

    In steps Kdan Mobile Software’s $0.99 Apple iPad application, PDF Reader 1.0.

    I was drawn into purchasing PDF Reader because of some of the cool features it had. First is the ability to transfer Acrobat documents from my MacBook Pro to my iPad using iTunes. Next was the well designed UI. In landscape mode, you see a file/folder navigation bar on the left with a document pane on the right. Switch the iPad into portrait mode and the navigation bar melts away allowing you to see the document full screen without any distractions.

    Another cool feature is the ability to browse to your web mail account from inside the application, a feature that requires the application have a MA-17 rating, and download the PDF file to your iPad. That was the feature that I needed to read me PDF file.

    PDF Reader also has a nice built in manual system that allows you to quickly get started and then call up the manual if you have questions later on. Page scrolling and zooming work very well and I didn’t have any problem flicking through 13 – 24 page documents I need to read today.

    All in all, PDF Reader: iPad Edition should be an application that you purchase and install on your iPad if you need to read PDF files outside of Apple’s email application.

    For more information about PDF Reader, visit the Kdan website. To purchase a copy of PDF Reader: iPad Edition 1.0, visit the iTunes App Store [App Store link] or use the App Store icon on your iPad and search for “PDF”.

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    pReader for WebOS – Unlock Your eReader Books

    Do you have a new webOS Palm Pre or Pixi? Do you have eReader or Fictionwise account with a lot of ebooks that you can’t read on your new phone? Problem solved! Enter pReader for webOS devices.

    pReader, currently at version 0.8.3, is a free third-party application, written by MHWsoft, that allows you to read a number of popular ebook formats. pReader supports plain-text, HTML, PalmDOC, MobiPocket, eReader, ePub, and Amazon AZW files. That’s a lot of ebook formats for an application that doesn’t cost you a dime.

    Getting started with pReader is easy. First you download and install the application from Palm’s App Catalog. (Search for ‘preader’.) Next, connect your Pre or Pixi to your computer, and put the phone into USB mode. In my Pre’s storage space, I created a new folder called “pReader eBooks” and copied some of my old eReader Pro ebooks into that folder. Lastly, unmout your webOS phone and that start up pReader.

    When you start pReader, tap the Add Book To Library button, select your book, and then, if you have a DRM encrypted ebook like those sold by eReader.com, enter your unlock information, and then the book becomes available for reading.

    With pReader, you have a free way to read your ebooks without having to purchase MotionApps Classic which, in my opinion, is a little bit on the expensive side.

    For more details, check the pReader description page.

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    Mobile Apps 360: BlueSwitch Solitaire Alley

    Mobile Apps 360 takes a look at great mobile software for your iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, Palm webOS and Windows Mobile smartphones that will help keep your favorite mobile gear fresh with new software.

    I just purchased a copy of BlueSwitch Solitaire Alley for my Palm Pre. Solitaire Alley is a basic no frills solitaire card game written for Palm webOS. To move cards around, you tap on the card or card stack you want to move and then tap on the pile you want to move to.

    Solitaire Alley is available now from the Palm App Catalog for $0.99.

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    SplashID 5.1 for iPhone OS Review

    SplashData’s SplashID is an application that enabled you to securely record usernames, passwords, credit card numbers, and other sensitive information in an encrypted database. SplashID works on the iPhone and iPod touch (OS 2.1 required, OS 3.0 is supported).

    SplashID can be used as a standalone application on your iPhone or iPod touch (collectively referred to as an iPhone from here). You will, however, find SplashID becomes much more effective when you also purchase the desktop version of SplashID for Mac OS X or Windows machines.

    SplashID on Your iPhone

    When you launch SplashID on your iPhone for the first time, the Quick Start Guide is run. I really like this approach because it gives new users to a good overview of the application and what it can do without making the user read the 16 page user guide (unless they really want to). Sample records provided by SplashData help reinforce the concepts presented in the quick start guide. After spending a few minutes playing with the sample records for a few minutes, most people will probably delete them.

    The List View screen, the default view for SplashID, has a pair of toolbars that you will want to familiarize yourself with it. Along the top of the screen, SplashData gives you a toolbar to manage your data: Search, filter by categories, and filter by record category. Along the bottom of the screen, are buttons for configuring SplashID, locking the application, and synchronizing the your iPhone with your computer over a Wi-Fi network.

    I found that when I entered a small amount of records into SplashID, flicking my way down the list of records was OK. Later on, as I continued to use SplashID and add more records, I found that searching was a lot faster at finding my data.

    When you tap on a record in List View, the data for that record will be displayed on the Record Info screen. By default, SplashID will display the data for your record with the contents of the Password field blocked out with star icons. SplashID also allows you to selectively turn on field content blocking, referred to as masking, for each of the other record detail fields. You would use this feature if you wanted to block out not only the contents of the Password field, but also the contents of the Username or any other field in the record. Tap a masked field to view it contents; tap the field again to mask it again.

    Along side field masking in the Record Info screen, SplashID also allows you to apply your own custom field labels and password generation – a really nice feature if you work with a system the requires you to frequently generate secure passwords.

    If you chose to purchase a copy of the SplashID desktop application, you will gain the ability to sync your iPhone with your PC. To synchronize your iPhone with SplashID on your computer, you must connect the machine to the same Wi-Fi network that your iPhone is connected to. Then you will be able to start up SlashID on the computer and the iPhone, pair them up, and then perform the sync. The pairing process only takes a few minutes to setup and the data synchronization is zippy. (There is no option to sync your iPhone to your computer with the iPhone data cable.)

    Pricing and Availability

    SplashID 5.1 for iPhone and iPod touch is available now for $9.99 from the Apple iTunes App Store. SplashID Desktop 5.1, $19.95, is available for direct purchase from the SplashData online store.

    In addition to the iPhone edition of SplashID, SplashData also has versions available for BlackBerry, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, and Android smartphones. A version of SplashID is planned for Palm webOS with a free beta version available from the Palm App Catalog. There is also a corporate and government edition of SplashID available. For more information, visit the SplashData website.

    [Photo courtesy of MobileAppleMe.net…]

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    Mobile Apps 360: FlightControl

    Mobile Apps 360 takes a look at great mobile software for your iPhone, iPod touch, BlackBerry, and Windows Mobile smartphones that will help keep your favorite mobile gear fresh with new software.

    FlightControl is an original, super addictive game from FireMint, that puts you in the critical role of an air traffic controller. It is up to you to safely land airplanes, jets, jumbo jets, and helicopters. You can learn how to play this action/strategy game in minutes and will have you coming back for more.

    You control the aircraft on the screen by tapping them, and then dragging it to the run way. Sure, it sounds easy, until you start playing. The game starts off slow, but before long, you will find yourself trying to manage a sky full of plans and helicopters. You will need to keep an eye on both planes that are coming in for a landing and new aircraft arriving into your air space, one mid-air collision will end your game!

    FlightControl features three different locations for you to play: a land locked air field, an airport in Hawaii with island and water runways, and a military aircraft carrier.

    Game play is super addictive. I lost an hour immediately following the installation of this game on my iPod touch. The graphics, background music, and sound effects are well done. If your iPhone 3G, 3GS or second generation iPod touch has iPhone OS 3.0 or later installed, you can go head-to-head with your friend and you can also post your high scores to the FilghtControl leader board which has a cool Google Maps and Twitter integration so you can see who else is playing near you. Original iPhone and iPod touch owners can still play, however, they won’t be able to use the multi-player feature.

    FlightControl is normally $2.99, but is on sale for a limited time for $0.99. For more details, checkout the FlightControl website, or head over to the iTunes App Store if you’re ready to buy.

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    Mobile Apps 360: iFighterLite

    Mobile Apps 360 takes a look at mobile software for your Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iPhone/iPod touch smartphones that will help keep your favorite mobile gear fresh with new software.

    iFighterLite is a free horizontal scrolling aerial combat game developed by EpicForce. You assume the role of a World War II ace fighter pilot on a mission to destroy a secret weapon being developed by the Nazis.

    You can control your fighter in one of two ways: by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch or by dragging your finger across the screen. I’ve tried both input controls, and I liked the tilt method better. Game play is straigh forward. If a tank, artilary cannon, or other airplane is shooting at you, shoot back! As you destroy your enemies, they will drop power ups including silver and gold stars, gold medals, weapons power ups, and extra health points. When things get a little to hot to handle, you can tap the Bomb button to call in some extra support to help clear away the all of the ground forces that are on the screen.

    I was attracted to the game because it reminded me of another horizontal fighter game from the early 1980’s, Capcom’s 1942. You will find that while it is easy to learn to play, the game is challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. I have been playing iFighterLite for the last few days yet, and I still have not been able to clear the first level yet, but I am getting better at piloting my fighter around other aircraft and dodging bullets.

    Despite not being able to clear the first level, I keep coming back to the game because it is fun to play and game’s graphics are very good. The sound effects for the menus and in game are also good and add the fun of the game.

    iFighterLite is fun for both fans of scrolling arcade games and the casual gamer looking for some fun while on the go. iFighterLite 1.0 is a free download from the Apple iTunes App Store. EpicFoce is expecting version 1.1 to be released soon (it has already been submitted for approval).

    If you like iFighterLite, you may want to also try EpicForce’s other games ChocChocPop and ChocChopPop Lite, in which you help Emily match up tastey treats. ChocChocPop sells for $1.99 in the App Store, while ChocChocPop Lite version is a free download.

    For more information, check out the EpicForce website.

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    Mobile Apps 360: Lose It!

    Mobile Apps 360 takes a look at mobile software for your Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and iPhone/iPod touch smartphones that will help keep your favorite mobile gear fresh with new software.

    Lose It! is my new favorite application for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch. This free application from FitNow is a great way to help you set a weight loss goal and stick to it.

    To get started with Lose It!, all you have to do is answer a few simple questions to setup your weight loss plan. Once you have your plan in place, the Goals screen will allow you to track your progress.

    Now that your plan is ready, you enter the foods you eat into one of four categories: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, and Snacks. You will need an active Internet connection (G3 or Wi-Fi) to search the online database. You can also add custom foods and recipes if you want. As I have used the software, I have found most of the foods I’ve been eating in the online database. If I can’t find an exact match, I’ve found an item that was close enough. For the things that I couldn’t find, I’ve added a recipe for quick entry into my daily calorie log.

    In addition to being able to track what foods you eat, you can also track your exercise in Lose It!. The execrise database, which is stored on the iPhone or iPod touch, is very extensive. It covers everything from walking to dancing, to lawn mowing.

    I’ve been using Lose It! for about two weeks now and I have been able to lose 5 lbs in two weeks without chaning what I eat or increasing my exercise routine. In the end, Lose It! has helped me make better choices about how much to eat.

    As with any diet and exercise regiment, it is always a good idea to consult your doctor before starting.

    Lose It! is available now from the Apple App Store.

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    Mobile Apps 360: KeySwop

    Mobile Apps 360 takes a look at mobile software for your Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and the iPhone/iPod touch that will help keep your favorite mobile device fresh with new software.

    KeySwop, written by Vicott Wong, is a small utility that will allow you to reassign the function of the soft keys on a Windows Mobile device. For example, on the Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional device, like the Palm Treo 750, the left soft key lauches Pocket Outlook and the right soft key opens the Today Screen menu.

    Once you have installed KeySwop, you can remap the left and right soft keys to be any other application on your Windows Mobile 5 or 6 smartphone. I like this application because it restores some of the functionality that I have on my Palm OS devices. On Palm OS, you an reprogram the hardware buttons to be any other application on your handheld or PDA. KeySwop give you another option for gaining quick access to applicationst that are important to you.

    Best of all, KeySwop is a free application! You can download KeySwop from Mr. Wong’s website. Version 0.4.1 was released in January, 2009.

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    Mobile Apps 360: WSJ Mobile Reader for BlackBerry

    Mobile Apps 360 takes a look at mobile software for your Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and the iPhone/iPod touch that will help keep your favorite mobile device fresh with new software.

    Some of my favorite mobile apps are those that keep me up to date with what is going on in the world around me. Ya, browsers are nice, but the site you are trying to read may not render correctly on the mobile device you happen to be using. I prefer an on device client that quickly updates with data from the website so it is easy to read on the go.

    One of those applications is the Wall Street Journal Mobile Reader. WSJ Mobile Reader is a free application that you can install on your device over the air (OTA) directly to your BlackBerry. As the name implies, Mobile Reader downloads content from the WSJ.com website and formats that news that you want to read on your device. Once you install the software, you are shown a list of news categories that you can subscribe to on your device. While the BlackBerry is populating the local cache, you are given the opportunity to review a brief tutorial that shows you some time saving keyboard shortcuts that will help you navigate the software.

    You use the trackball to move left and right across the category tabs. Scroll up and down to look at all the articles in a particular category. When you find an article you want to read, press the trackball to see the article summary and then click again to read the full artilce. It couldn’t be easier.

    WSJ Mobile Reader is a free application that you can install directly on your BlackBerry from:


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    Mobile Apps 360: iPickupLines for iPhone/iPod touch

    Mobile Apps 360 takes a look at mobile software for your Palm OS, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, and the iPhone/iPod touch that will help keep your favorite mobile device fresh with new software.

    As we bring this Valentine’s Day weekend to a close, I found an application in Apple’s App Store for the iPhone/iPod touch that might be fun to try the next time you and your friends are hanging out at your favorite bar, night club, or watering hole.

    Internet Inferno’s iPickupLines is a free entertainment app that tries to help those of us that might be socially challenged when it comes to the dating scene. Once you get past the drawn lady in red, the app is incredibly simple. You tap the Next button to bring up the next random pick up line. iPickupLines belts out one hit wonders such as; “I’m not drunk, I’m just intoxicated by you.” and “Do you have any raisins? No? How about a date?” Clearly for entertainment value only.

    Still if you find youself at happy hour with your friends this Thursday night, it might be good for a few laughs. At least your friends might laugh at you when you get shot down by the girl across the bar.

    Download iPickupLines from the Apple App Store