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pReader for WebOS – Unlock Your eReader Books

Do you have a new webOS Palm Pre or Pixi? Do you have eReader or Fictionwise account with a lot of ebooks that you can’t read on your new phone? Problem solved! Enter pReader for webOS devices.

pReader, currently at version 0.8.3, is a free third-party application, written by MHWsoft, that allows you to read a number of popular ebook formats. pReader supports plain-text, HTML, PalmDOC, MobiPocket, eReader, ePub, and Amazon AZW files. That’s a lot of ebook formats for an application that doesn’t cost you a dime.

Getting started with pReader is easy. First you download and install the application from Palm’s App Catalog. (Search for ‘preader’.) Next, connect your Pre or Pixi to your computer, and put the phone into USB mode. In my Pre’s storage space, I created a new folder called “pReader eBooks” and copied some of my old eReader Pro ebooks into that folder. Lastly, unmout your webOS phone and that start up pReader.

When you start pReader, tap the Add Book To Library button, select your book, and then, if you have a DRM encrypted ebook like those sold by, enter your unlock information, and then the book becomes available for reading.

With pReader, you have a free way to read your ebooks without having to purchase MotionApps Classic which, in my opinion, is a little bit on the expensive side.

For more details, check the pReader description page.

One Comment

  • Joe Sewell

    I just wish the space between tapping “Add a Book to your Library” and bringing up the list of files took less than 10 hours (and counting currently on my Pre … granted, I didn't stay up all night to make sure the screen didn't lock).