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Mobile Apps 360: iFighterLite

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iFighterLite is a free horizontal scrolling aerial combat game developed by EpicForce. You assume the role of a World War II ace fighter pilot on a mission to destroy a secret weapon being developed by the Nazis.

You can control your fighter in one of two ways: by tilting your iPhone or iPod touch or by dragging your finger across the screen. I’ve tried both input controls, and I liked the tilt method better. Game play is straigh forward. If a tank, artilary cannon, or other airplane is shooting at you, shoot back! As you destroy your enemies, they will drop power ups including silver and gold stars, gold medals, weapons power ups, and extra health points. When things get a little to hot to handle, you can tap the Bomb button to call in some extra support to help clear away the all of the ground forces that are on the screen.

I was attracted to the game because it reminded me of another horizontal fighter game from the early 1980’s, Capcom’s 1942. You will find that while it is easy to learn to play, the game is challenging enough to keep you coming back for more. I have been playing iFighterLite for the last few days yet, and I still have not been able to clear the first level yet, but I am getting better at piloting my fighter around other aircraft and dodging bullets.

Despite not being able to clear the first level, I keep coming back to the game because it is fun to play and game’s graphics are very good. The sound effects for the menus and in game are also good and add the fun of the game.

iFighterLite is fun for both fans of scrolling arcade games and the casual gamer looking for some fun while on the go. iFighterLite 1.0 is a free download from the Apple iTunes App Store. EpicFoce is expecting version 1.1 to be released soon (it has already been submitted for approval).

If you like iFighterLite, you may want to also try EpicForce’s other games ChocChocPop and ChocChopPop Lite, in which you help Emily match up tastey treats. ChocChocPop sells for $1.99 in the App Store, while ChocChocPop Lite version is a free download.

For more information, check out the EpicForce website.