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What’s On Your iPad?

I’ve been really enjoying my new 32GB Apple iPad. Here’s a quick run down of the iPad specific apps that I’ve installed so far.

  • 12 Solitaire Games from Astraware
  • ABC Player (Free)
  • AccuWeather Cirrus
  • Air Hockey (Free)
  • Apple iBooks (Free)
  • Apple Pages ($9.99)
  • BigOven Lite (Free)
  • Epicurious Recipes & Shopping List (Free)
  • EW’s Must List (Free)
  • Flight Control HD ($4.99)
  • Harbor Master HD (Free)
  • IMDb Movies & TV (Free)
  • Marvel Comics (Free)
  • MotionX Zen HD (Free)
  • N.O.V.A – Near Orbit Vanguard Alliance HD ($9.99)
  • NPR for iPad (Free)
  • NYT Editor’s Choice (Free)
  • PCalc Lite (Free)
  • Tap Tap Radiation (Free)
  • Twitterific for iPad (Free)
  • USA Today for iPad (Free)
  • The Wall Street Journal (Free w/ limited functionality)


  • Anonymous

    What’s on my iPad

    I’ve tried and deleted a few apps on my new 16GB iPad, but here’s what’s still on there as of today (4/22/10)

    ABC Player (Free)
    Air Hockey (paid, but got it free because I paid for iPhone version)
    Backgrounds (Free)
    Bible (Free)
    Calculator XL (Free)
    Constitution (Free)
    NBA Courtside (Free)
    Dictation (Free)
    Dictionary (Free)
    Doodle Buddy (Free)
    Doodle Jump (iPhone app, .99)
    Easy WiFi (iPhone app, was free)
    eBay (Free)
    Yahoo Entertainment (Free)
    Epicurious (Free)
    Evernote (Free)
    Fluent News (free due to paid iPhone version)
    Free Books (Free)
    Good Reader (.99, best app I have. Get this one!)
    HR Battle (4.99)
    iBooks (Free)
    Instapaper (free due to paid iPhone version, but cost 4.99)
    Keynote (9.99)
    Kindle (Free)
    Labyrinth2 HD (not the free version, 7.99)
    Marvel Comics (Free)
    Netflix (Free, but uses 8.99 monthly)
    News, Assoc. Press (Free)
    Reuters News Pro (Free)
    NewsRack (free due to paid iPhone version, 4.99)
    NOVA (9.99)
    Now Playing (Free)
    Pages (9.99)
    Pandora (Free)
    Penultimate (2.99)
    Photobucket (Free)
    Photogene (3.99)
    Real Racing HD (9.99)
    ESPN Scorecenter (4.99)
    Shredder Chess (7.99)
    Solitaire City (free due to iPhone app purchase, 5.99)
    Splash ID (iphone app)
    10 Pin Shuffle (3.99)
    This Day (Free)
    Weather Channel (Free)
    USA Today (Free)
    Voice Memos (Free)
    White and Yellow pages (Free)
    Wallpapers (Free)
    WeatherBug (Free)
    WordSearch (Free)
    JamPad (Free)
    Virtuoso HD (Free)