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DataViz – Docs To Go for webOS Update

DataViz has posted a long, long, long over due update on the status of their Documents To Go application for the Palm webOS platform on their Office Mobility Blog.

We at DataViz would like to apologize for not responding sooner to our loyal Palm customers about the availability of Documents To Go for webOS. We have felt it best to keep our public webOS discussion to a minimum until we had concrete information about our webOS products to offer you.

We are continuing our efforts to work with Palm to clear the path for a full editing version of Documents To Go. However, given the current environment at Palm, as well as the necessary collaboration with the device manufacturer that is required to bring an app like ours to a platform like webOS, our Documents To Go editor product for webOS is essentially at a standstill.

As soon as we have any additional information, we will inform you immediately.

Thanks for your passion surrounding our solution.
Kathleen McAneany
Business Manager, Documents To Go Palm

It is unfortunate that DataViz and Palm can’t get things lined up and getting Documents To Go for webOS out the door. Docs To Go is one of my favorite mobile applications and for the last 10 months I’ve had to go it (almost) alone as webOS only includes DataViz’s Doc View application.

The good news is that if you are on virtually any other smartphone OS, you can get rich document viewing and editing capabilities via Documents To Go.

Here’s to hoping that we get Documents To Go for the Pre’s birthday which is coming up on June 6th.