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    HP TouchPad – $100 Off This Weekend Only

    HP is running a $100 instant rebate promotion this weekend only (Friday – Sunday) on their new webOS 3.0 TouchPad when you purchase the tablet online directly from the HP.com website.

    I have mixed feeling about the TouchPad.  In the time since I purchased my Palm Pre, the webOS market share has failed to catch on.  Then, once it became painfully clear that HP and Sprint would not bringing webOS to the Pre and Pixi smartphones, nor where they going to released updated models, HP “graciously” offered early Pre owners $50 off the TouchPad.  Now, less than 60 days after launch, HP is cutting the price of the TouchPads by $100.  This weekend only, the 16GB TouchPad is $299 and the 32GB model is $399.

    If you are inclined to get a tablet, and don’t want an iPad, or confused by all the various Google Android tablets, then the HP TouchPad is probably the device for you.  If you don’t need a massive selection of apps.

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    Rumor: iPhone 5 to Launch in October

    Ugh!  This was not the news I was hoping for today if John Paczkowski over at AllThingsD.com has reliable information on Apple’s new iPhone.

    “So those rumors claiming the iPhone 5 will debut in late September? They’re wrong.

    Instead, it’s going to be an October surprise — the month in which Apple plans to launch its next-gen iPhone.”

    I guess it’s a good thing that I was able to my Sprint Palm Pre screen repaired by Sprint and then upgraded my Pre to HP webOS 2.1.  Looks like we’re in for a few extra weeks of waiting.

    [Via AllThingsD.com…]

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    iCloud.com Beta Goes Online

    I saw that iCloud.com has gone live today and I was able to log in using my existing Apple ID.  Aside from being able to look around, I’m not sure that there is much more we can do until we get iOS 5 installed on our iDevices or a update to Mac OS X that replaces the MobileMe control panel with the iCloud control panel (I’m assuming that there will be a new control panel or other software integration with the Mac OS X or Windows PC).

    If you are registered as a paying Apple software developer, you will be able to download some additional API tools for building into your applications.

    I was able to login to iCloud.com from my MacBook only.  When I hit iCloud.com from my iPad, I was greeted by a beta page.