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Rumor: White iPhone 4 Lands on April 27th, T-Mobile Prototype Spotted

Just because it was a long Easter holiday weekend didn’t mean that there was a shortage of new white iPhone rumors.

The first is that the white iPhone 4 will finally go on sale here in the United States this week.  Since this is a rumor, it is unclear if the near mythical iPhone will go on sale simultaneously for AT&T and Verizon Wireless or not.  After all of the delays, I personally hope that Apple rolls out the white iPhone 4 in both the GSM and CDMA flavors at the same time.  If the rumor is true, white iPhone 4’s are already being shipped in advance of the debut of their retail sales date.


As a side note, BGR seems to have gotten their hands on what appears to be a prototype iPhone 4, yes, it’s white, running on the T-Mobile network.  The T-Mobile iPhone seems to have all signs pointing to test device, so don’t expect any T-Mobile/Apple product announcements anytime soon.