Apple Wireless Keyboard + iPad

Apple Wireless Keyboard

Earlier today I dropped by my local Best Buy. No, not to buy an iPad 2 – everyone knows that they are sold out.

I stopped by because I had a gift card and felt like playing with other people’s money today. After looking around for a few minutes, I decided that I would “look” in the Apple Store section.

There on the shelf was an open box Apple Wireless Keyboard. Normally, the sell for $69 dollars, but this was $61. The box appeared to be in good condition so I picked it so I can pair it up with my 32GB iPad. it seemed like a better choice than the Apple iPad dock with built-in keyboard because I would be able to use my new Bluetooth keyboard with more devices.

After spending about 5 minutes setting it, I’m very happy with my new “toy”. I also picked up a copy of the new iPad blogging app Blogsy, with which I’m writing this post with.

The keyboard, obviously, works with the iPad as well at other iOS devices. You can also use the keyboard with a Bluetooth enabled Mac running current editions of OS X. While I haven’t tried it yet myself, if you have a Windows Vista or Windows 7 PC, and a Mac OS X/Boot Camp disc handy, you should be able to install the Apple drive for the keyboard and use it with your Windows box too. (Not too bad, if I do say so myself.)

The compact size of the keyboard means it is small enough to be carried around with me and my iPad so I can bang out blog post, long emails, or touch type and take notes in the many note taking and task management applications for iOS. I also like that fact that the face of the mini keyboard is metal. (The bottom plate is plastic.) The Apple Wireless Keyboard is powered by two AA batteries (included). This is a nice second keyboard, however, if it was going to be my primary, every day keyboard that I was going to use with my Mac Pro or MacBook Pro, I like the older Apple Wireless Pro keyboard better since it is larger and has a numeric keypad on the right side of the keyboard.

The Apple Wireless Keyboard is available now at Apple Stores, Apple resellers like Best Buy, and online at Apple.com for $69.00.

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  • Ryan Phelps

    Apple wireless keyboard is sick. I love its clean hardware design and the keypads are so soft. The compact size of the keyboard means it is small enough to be carried around which is very practical.