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David Pogue Reviews the Palm Pre

David Pouge of the New York Times, has review of the Palm Pre smartphone. Mr. Pogue writes:

“You’ve seen that movie, right? The one where a pair of lovable, sad-sack losers team up to defeat the smug, athletic golden boy? If not, you’re about to. It’s called ‘‘Palm Pre vs. iPhone.’’ The star of this summer blockbuster is Palm. Over the years, this once-great company lost its talent for everything but making business blunders. Pundits were predicting Palm’s passing—but then the new Palm Pre appeared.

The Pre’s all-new operating system, called Web OS, is gorgeous, fluid and exciting. It shares some iPhone ideas — pinch or spread two fingers on the screen to zoom in or out, for example, or flick a list item sideways to delete it — but has its own personality and ideas.”

I’m a fan of both Palm and Apple, and I’d rather not see them beating each other to a pulp. The smartphone space is massive and there is plenty of room right now for both the Apple iPhone and the Palm Pre to be successful. For me, I really like the idea of having a nice physical keyboard. I’m not sold on the slider, but hey, that’s probably why Palm is already getting ready to roll out the next Palm webOS smarpthone, the Eos.

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  • stuart

    please tell me how the palm pre is hold up under use i have a treo 650 a work horse but chunkey

    want to have the pre up automatical with my google account calender and contacts I be in heaven

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    If you need the Pre to hold up for more than 10 hours of daily use, you will want to either get an extended life battery or two stock OEM batteries. I'm almost out of power after 10 hours of moderate use. I expect that I'll be getting a second battery before the end of the year so I can continue to use the Pre for 12-18 hours daily.

    Alan G