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    Hello, World! (Again!)

    “Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!”

    Ok, I couldn’t resist the play on the original 1998 Bondi Blue Apple iMac tagline when talking about this blog.

    You see, for almost the last four years, I have been working full-time and taking college courses full-time to complete by undergraduate Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree.  That left little time for blogging.  And so, I had a broken and mostly ignored blog hosted over on WordPress.com, and more homework than I cared to admit.

    Thankfully, I am in my final 10-weeks of coursework.  I have repaired the blog here.  I’ll have to do something with my WordPress hosted blog over there.  And I’m looking forward to getting back to talking about Apple gadgets, things that interest me, and my Dad’s whacky technology hijinks.  (There was one just today involving a Windows 10 laptop, Internet Explorer 11, and one of those “Take our site survey” pop-ups.  But that’s a story for a different time.)

    So, hello.  Welcome back to my weird blogging adventure that is this polymorphic blog.


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    Blogging From Your Droid

    I guess that I shouldn’t really be surprised by this, but Google has a Blogger app for Android phones.

    I recently had to replace my company issued RIM Blackberry Storm2 with a Motorola Droid Pro.

    I still miss my “CrackBerry” but the Droid Pro and I are getting along well.  As cool as this is, I don’t see myself posting a blog entry much longer than this from this tiny keyboard.

    Tap or click the Blogger icon below to download the app to your Android device from the Android Market website. (Link)


    I noticed a typo in the above post, “has” rather than “had”.  So I jumped on the blog with my Mac and after I made the update, it looks like the formatting from the Blogger app on the Droid was lost. Interesting.  I’ll have to keep an eye on that.