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Blogging From Your Droid

I guess that I shouldn’t really be surprised by this, but Google has a Blogger app for Android phones.

I recently had to replace my company issued RIM Blackberry Storm2 with a Motorola Droid Pro.

I still miss my “CrackBerry” but the Droid Pro and I are getting along well.  As cool as this is, I don’t see myself posting a blog entry much longer than this from this tiny keyboard.

Tap or click the Blogger icon below to download the app to your Android device from the Android Market website. (Link)


I noticed a typo in the above post, “has” rather than “had”.  So I jumped on the blog with my Mac and after I made the update, it looks like the formatting from the Blogger app on the Droid was lost. Interesting.  I’ll have to keep an eye on that.