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Apple To Enhance iPhone Unlock Security with iOS 8.3 [Updated]

Apple is further enhancing their iPhone unlock security with the upcoming release of iOS 8.3; which is currently in beta testing.
PIN code required when TouchID is not
used to unlock the device in 48 hours

My pal, and fellow 1SRC Palm Podcast host, Jeff Kirvin, has informed me that iOS requires a PIN or passcode if not used for 48 hours right now with iOS 8.2.

I hate it when he’s right.  I still think this is a good feature.

In the future, if you have not unlocked your iPhone using Touch ID in the past 48 hours, you be required to reenter your PIN or passcode.  With iOS 8.0 up to and including iOS 8.2, Apple only required that you enter your PIN or passcode after restarting your iPhone.  

The above screen appeared after I left my iPhone 5S running a beta version of iOS 8.3 at home for two days.
I think that while this may generate a few help desk calls when iOS 8.3 is deployed to corporate iOS devices that get left at work or unused over the weekend, it is  a really good move for people who may accidentally lose their device.
Apple has not announced when iOS 8.3 will ship.  The pre-release software is being tested by registered developers (a $99 annual fee is required to join the program) and by select members of the iOS and OS X public beta testers.
Some bloggers believe that iOS 8.3 will ship next month at about the same time the Apple Watch is released.