The “Gandolf” is the Palm Centro

GadgetsOnTheGo.net‘s Jimmie Geddes has posted some official information about Palm’s latest smartphone, previously rumored to be “Gandolf”.

The Palm Centro from Sprint

  • Smallest Palm OS smartphone to date
  • Targeting a younger demographic, new to the smartphone space
  • Runs on EVDO network
  • New design features a full keyboard and touch screen

The Centro looks like it will be Palm’s low-cost entry level device the company’s executives talked about back in April at the Palm Analyst day.

For more details on the Centro, including a first-hand account hands on with a pre-release version of the device, check out Sascha Segan’s article over on Gearlog.com.


  • BaDZeD

    Cool, I might be a target market for this phone. I’m not overly SMS obsessed (don’t type as much as a lot of people out there) yet I appreciate the keyboard, touch screen and a low price point. If there is an expansion card and bluetooth on this phone I’m switching to sprint (even though its not GSM)