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A New Week, New Treo Rumors

Following on the heels of last week’s Sprint product line up sneak peek at the Tech Summit conference, Christopher Price of has written an article based on information posted in the forums detailing Sprint’s phone line up into January of 2008.

The following information has not been confirmed and it should be considered only a rumor at this point.

According to member comptech2002, Sprint will launch the Palm Gryphon on October 14, 2007. Then during the three months of Q1, 2008, Sprint is expecting to launch the Treo 800w.

Rumors usually conflict

The first obvious question I have is whether or not “Gryphon” is the Sprint branded version of “Gandolf” which Palm seems to now be calling the Centro. Since there is no mention of Centro or Gandolf or Treo 690 in this version of the proported Sprint roadmap, one is left to wonder if this is just a mistake and Gryphon is not real or is another Palm device.

Next we have the Treo 800w. Previous rumors indicate that the 800w is the long awaited update for the Treo 700wx, running Windows Mobile 6.0, with an internal antenna, and a higher resolution 320×320 screen like the ones that appear in Palm’s Palm OS-based Treo smartphones. Personally I was expecting to see the 800w in Q4 of 2007, however with the current import ban in effect on phones containing Qualcomm chips, it is hard to know if the date has slipped or if the device was ever really intended to ship this year at all.

What about the Treo 800p?

Ever since rumors of the Treo 800w started to surface across the Internet, many folks started to wonder if there would be an 800p running a version of the Palm OS. The Treo 800p would be the successor to the Treo 700p and 755p. The questions on the minds of Palm OS fans are: when will such a device ship; will it support Wi-Fi; and will it run “Palm OS II”, Palm’s as yet unnamed Linux based OS.

Treo 755p coming to Verizon

Last week ran a rumor that Verizon will be shipping the Treo 755p this November. While still a rumor, my sources confirm what was reported in the article, that the Treo 755p will ship on Verizon in November. As long as nothing changes.