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Sprint Rolls Out BlackBerry 8350i Update

Since releasing the BlackBerry 8350i a few weeks ago, Sprint customers have been reporting issues with the new software build on the device.

Yesterday, Sprint released an update to the device’s system software, BlackBerry OS Sprint BlackBerry customers can download the update from the Sprint website. If you haven’t already upgraded to BlackBerry Desktop v4.7, you can download the installer from the same downloads page.

According to a recent post on, Sprint is still working with Research In Motion to address an echo problem.

” We are diligently working on a fix for the known echo issue. It will not be fixed in this first release, but we are doing our best to identify the issue and correct it and hoping to include that fix in the next software release. One option that helps alleviate the problem would be to use the headset that comes packaged with the phone.

Sprint is also working with RIM on a second maintenance release to address the remaining issues, and hope to have it available shortly. Any customers have issues during the upgrade they can call care at 1-800-639-6111.”

Download the Sprint BlackBerry 8350i update