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Palm Launches the Treo 800w on Sprint

Starting today, Sprint has begun selling the Palm Treo 800w smartphone. According to the Sprint website, the Treo 800w has the following product specifications:

  • Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Autonomous and simultaneous GPS using Sprint Navigation for turn by turn directions, and points of interest searches
  • Stereo Bluetooth lets you listen to your music on the go
  • Embedded Wi-Fi
  • 2.0 Megapixel camera/camcorder
  • MicroSD card support
  • 320×320 TFT display capable of displaying 65K colors
  • 256MB of user memory, 128MB of program memory
  • Incoming call alerts when a data session is in progress, avoid sending callers directly to voicemail
  • Phone as a modem support

The Treo 800w sells for $599 without a service plan and can be had for as little as $249.99 when purchased with a monthly $25 or more data plan (in addition to a voice plan) or the Sprint Simply Everything plan ($250 instant savings, $100 mail-in rebate).

Palm has yet to issue a press release officially announcing the Treo 800w. Additionally, the Palm website and online store have yet to be updated. I expect Palm’s official launch of the Treo 800w to come on Monday morning.

Make sure you tune into this week’s 1SRC.com Podcast for more details on the Treo 800w.

For more details, or to purchase the Treo 800w now, visit the Sprint website.