Palm Lands Duarte

Engadget is reporting that Palm has hired well known software interface designer Matias Duarte. The company has confirmed that Mr. Duarte has been working for Palm since September 2007.

Mr. Duarte’s title at Palm is listed as Senior Director, Human Interface and User Experience and is likely working on the new user interface for Palm’s next generation Linux operating system, Palm OS II/Nova.

Bringing in Mr. Duarte is likely the work of Jon Rubeinstein who is leading an internal revolution at Palm with the intention of making the company relevant in the mobile computer market.

What I find interesting about this is that Palm has stated that Palm OS II/Nova is due to have the core OS completed by the end of this calendar year. Once the core is complete, the work on the interface would begin. It sounds like Palm has an entire team already working on the interfaces for the next generation Treo and Centro smartphones.

Is this yet another piece of evidence that suggests that Palm OS II/Nova will be ready before the middle of 2009? I think so.

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  • BaDZeD

    What I find interesting about this piece of news is the timeline and how it fits with the hire of Paul Mercer. Why were there 2 people hired with seemingly identical backgrounds? Looks like Duarte starts with Palm IMMEDIATELY AFTER the Foleo cancellation (Sept 4, 2007). This makes me wonder if Mercer, who was hired back in March, had anything to do with the design of the window manager in Foleo OS and whether the bad reception that Foleo got (truly unjustly imho) made Palm scramble to find a new UI guru.