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Palm at CES Today

For many Palm OS fans, today is a big day. It is widely expected that Palm will unveil their next generation mobile operating system, the successor to Palm OS 5, codenamed “Nova.” Palm will be holding an invitation only press event at 2pm ET/11am PT to talk about all the “new-ness” they have been working on.

This will not be the first time that we have talked about the successor to Palm OS. Before ‘Palm OS II” and “Nova” we had “Palm OS 6.0”, “Palm OS Cobalt”, “Palm OS for Linux”, and most recently, “ALP.” Today has been a long day coming for the Palm OS user community, and I hope that what Palm shows off today will have been well worth the wait.

I have not read whether or not Palm will have a live or recorded video of today’s event, however, Palm has said that during the event, the company’s blog will receive live updates.

I’ll have a wrap up of the day’s news later today.

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  • mjs

    Looking forward to hearing your views on the following topics.1) WebOS – will original developers be able to rewrite? (Agendus, Dataviz, etc.)2) If Synergy doesn’t merge PIM data – will my “new info” show up in my other apps like Google, Exchange, etc.3) Will their be a non-phone version? We just won’t call it a PDA…4) Ability to get to command line of the OS.Thanks Allan for covering this for all of us.