A New Look for Palm Website

Did anyone else notice that Palm’s website received a face life today? Did anyone also notice that the Centro is the only Palm OS device that is listed on the main splash page and on the interior support page? All of the PDAs and Palm OS Treo smartphones are now in the “View All Devices” section of the support page.

I’m glad to see that the marketing department has woken up from their long Rip Van Winkle slumber.

Are the winds of change really blowing at Palm? Be sure to check the Palm site again on January 8th.

One Comment

  • Anonymous

    I did notice the new web site. I find it lacking in the support for the older Treo line. I wanted to download the software updates for the 650P & 700P handsets. I am unable to locate them and called the overseas support. They read from the usual script and told me what I already knew. Palm had a great support area for these older phones that is now gone. What did it cost to keep this information on the servers?