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Missing Sync for Palm Pre Beta

Mark/Space has announced that there is a new public beta build for The Missing Sync for Palm Pre available.

The Palm Pre is now available. For those who are proud owners of this wonderful smart phone, we want to let you know that The Missing Sync for Palm Pre will make your Pre and Mac close companions. We even have a version for the PC on the way.

For a short while, The Missing Sync for Palm Pre is available as a fully functional Beta version, free to download for a limited time. Give it a try and find out how easy it is to take your stuff with you – from your Mac, onto your Pre.

Sync Address Book and iCal or Entourage – from your Mac to your Pre, and vice-versa – over Wi-Fi. Sync happens even when Pre is sitting on a Touchstone charger. Plus, transfer music, bookmarks, ringtones, videos and photos fast over the Pre’s USB cable. And, bring documents and files with you – like Word, Excel and PDFs – to view on your Pre too.

To learn more about The Missing Sync for Palm Pre, or to download the free demo, head over to the Mark/Space website.