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HanDBase Mac OS X Conduit Available

DDH Software has done it’s Mac users a solid by releasing a desktop sync conduit for their HanDBase software for iPhone/iPod touch users yesterday. The iPhone has been grabbing headlines since before it was officially announced. I’m glad to see more devleopers supporting the platform that has made all of this possible: Mac OS X.

DDH Software has announced availability of its Mac OS X conduit for syncing HanDBase databases stored on iPhone and iPod touch devices. HanDBase, a popular relational database for many types of mobile devices, was released last fall in the Apple iTunes App Store, and many users asked for a way to automatically synchronize their databases with their Macs. The new HanDBase Plus add-on package now affords them with this capability.

“We have had the Windows version of the conduit package available since the launch of HanDBase for iPhone in October,” says Dave Haupert, President of DDH Software. “It’s been a very popular add-on, but it was always our intention to also release a Mac version of the conduit as soon as we could. As a Mac user myself, I’m thrilled to be able to offer this product as we also announce our intentions to further enhance our Mac Desktop version of HanDBase throughout the coming year.”

Along with the HanDBase Plus add-on for Macs, DDH Software is also announcing availability of a new version of its Mac Desktop application, the first of several major updates due this year, designed to incrementally add more editing features and functionality to the desktop companion product. In addition, the HanDBase for iPhone product has been updated with a new View and Edit Record screen layout, and improvements to its user interface.

HanDBase for iPhone is available in the Apple iTunes App Store for US $9.99. The new HanDBase Plus for iPhone add-on package is now available at with an introductory price of US $14.99.