Chad Garrett – Why I Think the Foleo is Brilliant

Chad Garrett has posted an article over on Ranting…In a Mobile World titled “Why I think the Palm Foleo is brilliant”.

At first, I did not know what to think of the Palm Foleo. What is it? A mobile companion? A laptop? It certainly is not the “new” Treo or device I was hoping for. That aside, it is just what I think any mobile professional or tech person needs.

The Palm Foleo is essentially a very thin, light flashed-based, instant on/off, Linux powered “laptop”. I say “laptop” because that is instantly what it will be compared to. Every one I have spoken to says, “Why would Palm do this. I carry a laptop, Treo, now this? It’s too much!”. These people are missing one big point: the device is an accessory meant to sync with your smartphone to make your portable life easier- it is not meant to replace your laptop.

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