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BlackBerry Curve Update

As you will recall, I purchased a Sprint edition BlackBerry Curve 8330. Smartphone Fanatics reader BaDZeD wrote me to ask how I was doing with the BlackBerry.

The short answer is that I’m not. I am a hardcore Palm OS user and if a device can’t match the feature set of my Treo 755p, it just can’t be my day-to-day device. There are a lot of things that I like about the Curve. They include things like a smaller footprint and weight; a full Qwerty keyboard, and ok PIM applications.

There are things that have kept me from adopting the BlackBerry. For one, the software on the device is BlackBerry OS 4.3, not 4.5 or later. Without BlackBerry OS 4.5, I can’t run DataViz Documents To Go – an essential tool in my opinion. I’ll also loose the ability to sync with my corporate calendar at the office. That isn’t a big problem because I have access to Treo 700p at the office that I can use to sync my calendar to. (I won’t need to bring that Treo home, I just want the calendar when I’m not in my office during the week.)

I’d also have to convert my corporate wireless email account from a Palm OS license to a BlackBerry license, but that isn’t suppose to be hard process.

The latest word from Sprint is that the BlackBerry OS 4.5 upgrade for the Curve 8330 will be out during or after the week of 12/15/08, which is next week. We’ll see. Sprint is had to push back the date a few times already.

I want to play with the BlackBerry, but until I have a plan to ensure I have access to all of my “stuff” I’ll stick with my Treo 755p. Maybe I’ll convert in January.



  • torojet

    You deserve credit Alan for trying a change and seeing what else is out there.I’ve used a work issued BB 8700 for years along-side my personal Palm device, currently the more-memory Centro. While I enjoy having the gsm coverage on the Blackberry it pretty much ends there. I also tried the 800w for a month before putting tail between legs back to the Palm OS. The Palm is just simpler and more productive. I’d have to say the Blackberry is snappier compared to WM and also slightly easier to navigate. Neither WM or BB , of course, compare to the reliable yet antiquated Palm Garnet.I give you credit for delving into the different devices on your own dime. My thought and hope for you is that it doesn’t hobble the productivity you need.

  • BaDZeD

    Patiently waiting till January 8th to see the new Palm Hotness =)I don’t want an iPhone as I need a real keyboard. The G1 is a of slide-out design, which I loathe. BB and Nokia phones lack a touchscreen (besides the ones that lack a keyboard). Besides, I have a distaste of WM. So, for now, I am very content with my Centro as it offers the best usability/features for the buck. I just wish Garnet had a decent NATIVE browser.