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BlackBerry Bridge Now Available to AT&T PlayBook Owners

After a long string of bad news, a dramatic decline in stock prices, departures of senior management, and calls from investors and alleged employees to restructure how the CEO and President of the Board roles work, there was finally some good news for BlackBerry fans on AT&T who plan on purchasing a BlackBerry PlayBook.

Yesterday, AT&T allowed the BlackBerry Bridge software for AT&T branded BlackBerry phones to be released into the BlackBerry App World.

“BlackBerry Bridge is an app you can download to your smartphone to get access to your email, calendar, contacts, memo pad and tasks—all on the large tablet display. Depending on your wireless service provider you can even browse the web using your existing BlackBerry smartphone’s data plan.”

That last item, browsing the web using your BlackBerry’s data plan will run you an extra $20/month for the privilege AT&T has announced.

You can download BlackBerry Bridge from the BlackBerry App World (link).

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  • tarsme

    i am a big admirer of this great firm, and the things you have mentioned i would say are only the ups and downs which every company has to go through at least once. its a hard time and i hope it will pass soon. coming on the BlackBerry Bridge, this is something for what thousands of users were waiting and i am also among them. its a great app for emails and other stuffs….