Yes, Palm Still Sells PDAs

With all of Palm’s focus on the Palm Pre and webOS, and rightly so in my opinion, it is easy to forget the Palm still has a handheld business.

If you are one of Palm’s customers who prefer a traditional PDA to that of a smartphone, you will be happy to know that you can still buy a handheld, the TX, Z22, or the Tungsten E2, directly from Palm.

I do want to warn everyone that Palm’s CEO Ed Colligan did say that the company was no longer developing new PDAs, so if you have been holding out a new PDA to upgrade to, it looks like you are out of luck. That said, I own a Palm TX and it is a full featured PDA that will be up to whatever task you need to throw at it.

For more information about the current PDA line up, visit Palm’s online store


  • George G.

    If not for your post, I was thinking that Palm had given up selling PDAs, since I can’t find any link on the “Shop” page (from the home page) that mentions PDAs. Why would they make it hard to navigate to the handheld page that you displayed?BTW, I’m a regular listener to the 1src podcast. Looking forward to the next one!George

  • ojleblanc

    Yes, Thanks, Allen, for this news and the link. I also looked for a way to get there through Palm’s site and couldn’t find it. I think its really smart that they continue to sell these PDAs and I understand why PDAs will not be available with the new WebOS. That new OS seems very dependent on always-on wireless capability to bring together all of one’s information, so a cell connection is probably a must.And while I’m pleased that people can still buy Palm OS5 PDAs, I really *resent* the fact that Palm is still asking full price for these PDAs but will not update the software that comes with it, especially critical apps like Documents to Go. Why oh why do they include Documents to Go v.7 rather than the current version, especially given that v. 7 does not work with the new Microsoft Office 2007. Very disappointing!Yes, I admit it. This is a personal gripe of mine as a relatively new owner of a TX. I wrote a letter to this effect to Palm. To their credit, they actually phoned me about this issue. I couldn’t believe it. They did not upgrade my copy of Docs to Go, however!

  • Barbara

    I had also looked for regular handhelds on the Palm website. Thank you for posting this link. I currently have a Tungsten T5 that is not going to last much longer. I want a smartphone and am considering the Palm Centro, but want to keep my options open.I hope that Palm continues to make PDAs and smartphones that can run independent from the internet. I have loved Palm since my first PDA, a Visor Deluxe, but I don’t want or need the expense of a monthly internet fee.

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    Hello Barbra,I can tell you that Palm is still selling traditional PDAs, but I also know that Ed Colligan, Palm’s CEO, also stated recently that Palm will not be developing any new PDA models. So don’t expect to see a Palm TX2 or Tungsten E3 from Palm.As long as Palm is still making some money from PDA sales I think that they will continue to sell them, but don’t count on Palm’s PDAs always being available.I have a Tungsten T5 and I like it a lot. A good upgrade choice for you would be the TX (aka the T7) as it shares many of the same accessories and runs the same software as the T5.Alan G