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What Do You Call a Pre-Beta Beta? Silly Rabbit, It’s an Alpha Release

Is Microsoft looking to repeat their Windows Vista mistakes with Windows 8?

WinRumors writes:

“Microsoft’s 2012 CES will be full of Windows 8 according to company insiders. Microsoft is expected to deliver a beta copy of the next-generation operating system at its BUILD developer conference in September this year. Microsoft should be ready to deliver a second test copy of Windows 8 to the public at CES 2012. Ballmer will likely demo a number of ARM and Intel based Windows 8 tablets that will hit the market later in 2012 when Windows 8 is generally available.”

No, that doesn’t sound like they are rushing things at all.  Question: What do you call a September beta release before a January 2012 beta release?  Answer: An alpha release.

In an unrelated note, Microsoft has hired a “content coach” for Mr. Ballmer’s 2012 CES keynote address.  Is Microsoft suffering from “Steve envy?”

[Via WinRumors…]