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Rumor: Sprint webOS Customers Get Shafted. Again.

It’s tough to be a webOS fan.  Especially on Sprint.  If it wasn’t bad enough that Sprint Pre and Pixi customers have been left out in the cold for the webOS 2.0 party, but now a new rumor from a reliable source is saying that the Pre3 won’t be coming to Sprint.

“Today the folks over at This Is My Next cited a “trusted source” in saying that the Pre3 – or any other webOS device – will not be coming to Sprint. We know a lot of you just died a little bit inside, and that’s not the news you wanted to hear today. On the flipside of the same coin, we’ve heard from plenty of “I talked to an HP rep” crowd that have heard that the Pre3 is coming to Sprint, along with Verizon and AT&T. You can hold out hope if you want, but trusted sources trump chatter in our book.”

I was in line at 6am to one of the first people to get a Palm Pre on launch day.  With webOS market share below 5% in the US and the Pre3 not coming to Sprint any time soon, it just reaffirms my decision to switch phones this fall when the iPhone 5 goes live.  The only question that really remains is whether or not Sprint will get the iPhone 5.  If they do, I’ll say with Sprint to grandfather in my unlimited data plan. If Sprint doesn’t get the iPhone 5, then I’m looking to head over to AT&T Wireless.