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Using Chrome? Maybe It’s Time To Reconsider Firefox.

Jack Schofield, writing for ZDNet:

“The main reason for switching to Firefox is that, overall, it’s better than Chrome. But there are other reasons.

Other leading browsers may sometimes do that, but their primary function is to serve the needs of giant corporations — Apple, Google and Microsoft — none of which has any interest in preserving your privacy. Usually the reverse, in fact.

Firefox has always respected your privacy, and now, all things considered, it’s also winning on merit.”

I couldn’t agree more.  Google already knows so much about us, I don’t want to make it even easier for the search and advertizing giant to learn more about me.  That’s why I still have FireFox installed on my Macs and Windows 7 PCs.  As far as I’m concerned, FireFox is pretty fast enough for my needs and when I do have to run Chrome, I run it in a VM.