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Tricks with TealOS

Clemens Schuchert, Executive Producer of PUGcast, Germany’s first PDA Podcast, has an interesting article posted about TealPoint’s webOS look a like Palm OS 5 launcher, TealOS.

“It’s a lot of fun to run “webOS” on regular PalmOS 5 devices and Tealpoint Software is releasing the third update (currently TealOS 1.06) within a few days, so they are working hard behind the scenes in order to improve the product.

The first thing one should take into consideration is, that TealOS is a launcher replacement and thus, treated as an appliaction like any other program by the real OS (PalmOS rather than TealOS) as well.

Secondly, it consumes memory and it seems that the DBcache ich used rapidly. Increasing DBcache can lead to crashes of a modern PalmOS NVFS device, thus keep an eye to it and the DBcache slim. While most of us are using NVBackup (Freeware download) at night anyways, it’s a good idea to let NVBackup automatically flush the DBcache after the Backup and afterwards performing a reset of the device. Thus, you always have a slim DBCache over the working day. If this is not sufficient, make use of dbflush or other appropriate tools to clean the DBcache regularly.”

Mr. Schuchert does have a word of warning to those Palm OS 5 users who install an use TealOS:

“[P]ay attention to the fact that TealOS is taking screenshots of the application one leaves. This could be a security hole, especially when exiting applications showing passwords in plain text, such as secret, splashID, Resco ID Guard, or so. Then, the whole screen is displayed as application’s snapshot in TealOS! Be aware of that! Best is, to disable those applications right away under “Card Exceptions”.”

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TealOS, despite it’s name and appearance, is a third-party application launcher for Palm OS 5 devices, like the Palm TX handheld and Centro smartphone. TealPoint offers a free trial download and sells TealOS for $14.95 USD. For more information about TealOS, including the download and online store links, visit the TealPoint website.