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Rumor: Palm Pre Launching Later Than Expected is running a story today that suggests that the Palm Pre may ship later than some had hoped. You will recall in our debate on Podcast show 205 that Jeff Kirvin, Rick Cartwright, and I where in disagreement about when in “the first half of 2009” the Pre would ship. Rick and I where leaning toward late May for a target launch of the Pre while Jeff was expecting that the Pre would be on sale in just a few weeks; certainly by April.’s Dieter Bohn, writes:

“While we knew all along (despite crazy hopes) that the February 15th release date was just a pipe dream, we were hoping the persistent rumors (now circulating on the Ides of March) meant that the “First half of 2009″ target would mean something sooner than June. Well, we’re a little less hopeful today. First up an anonymous report which we’re not putting much stock in (yet) claims that testing is taking longer than expected due to some security issues. More interestingly, in our forums we read that the Pre has two more rounds to testing to come, the first of these not slated to begin until April 1st.”