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TealPoint Removes TealOS, Suspends Sales

You may recall back in January, TealPoint software made some serious buzz for themselves by releasing a new skin/launcher for Palm OS 5 devices called “TealOS.” The point of TealOS was to mimic the look and feel of Palm’s webOS operating system.

Earlier today, Teal has suspended the sale of TealOS and removed the software download links from their website. Customers who had previoiusly purchased TealOS can continue to use the software, however, no new licenes will be sold.

Vistor’s Teal’s TealOS web page will see the message:

“IMPORTANT! – A Palm’s request, we have stopped selling TealOS on Monday March 30 at 5:00 PDT. Copies purchased prior to this, however, will continue to function.”

There was a ground swell of support for TealOS by fans of Palm OS 5. Being a long time support of Palm OS I can understand the enthusiasm behind such a product. However, Palm is literally fighting for it’s life and can’t afford to have their software so closely copied. There can also be some confusion about what TealOS is and customer’s not understanding that webOS and TealOS are not the same thing. At any rate, I hope that Palm’s request to Teal to suspend the sale and distribution of TealOS is an indicataor that the Palm Pre, powered by the new webOS is on the verge of being released.

If you completely missed TealOS, you can still read the documentation and view a YouTube video of TealOS in action on the TealPoint website.