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Sprint: BlackBerry Trade In Program Coming Soon

I was skimming the new Entertainment Weekly (issue 1099/1100 for April 23/30) and saw a Sprint add for the new BlackBerry Curve 8530 and the free trade in program.

I hopped on the Internet to check out the details on the Sprint Trade In website only to see a “coming soon” message.

According to the print ad, you can get a new BlackBerry Curve 8530 in black or royal purple for free when you trade in any BlackBerry device (must be deactivated already) and purchase a new 2-year service agreement. Customers who have the same device for 22 months are also eligible for the upgrade promotion. You may be required to pay a $36 dollar activation fee and the normal $200 early termination fee applies if you exit the plan early. The fine print also states that this is a mail-in rebate deal. You order the phone an get $100 off. Then you have to send in the MIR for the remaining $49.99. As usual, the rebate check will take 10 to 14 weeks and you will need to keep the phone active for 30 days.

The ad’s fine print also goes on to state that the offer is good until 6/5/10 or while supplies last. I’m not sure what that means, as I don’t expect Research In Motion or Sprint to stop selling the Curve 8530 on 6/5/10.

You can learn more about the Sprint edition BlackBerry Curve 8530 on the Sprint online store website.

Even with all the fine print and red tape, if you are looking to get an inexpensive BlackBerry, this is a great way to go. I had used the older Curve, the 8330, for a good 6 months an really liked it. If I wasn’t using a Palm Pre, I’d likely be using the new Curve 8530 or a Tour 9630. (Yes, I’m an Apple fan, but I really like the physical keyboard on my devices.) Both the Curve and Tour have great battery life which is something that I really don’t like about my Pre. If I forget to place it on my Touchstone charger nightly, the battery will be dead in the morning. Hmmm…maybe it’s time to get a new Curve.