SPF360 Podcast Show 1

I return to a regular podcast this week with the release of the Smartphone Fanatics SPF360 Podcast Show 1.

On this week’s SPF360 podcast, I discuss:

  • The Verizon rumor for semi-exclusive iPhone 4
  • The incredible disappearing HP webOS smartphones
  • BlackBerry Storm2 boot up speed #fail
  • BlackBerry Playbook -BGR.com hands on

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8 thoughts on “SPF360 Podcast Show 1”

  1. Its good to have you back Alan ! I do hope the TiPb guys will get you as a guest podcaster in the near future. Also, I so envy you for the foleo !! Where did you get it?

  2. Alan:
    Really glad to hear your voice again. Missed your insights. Finally gave up my Palm TX and Centro for an iPhone. No regrets.

    Bill Quinlan

  3. @JayC3 – Thanks, I'm glad to be back. I don't know if the TiPb folks will invite me to be on their show, but I'm not going to stress about it. They picked the winner and we'll just have to move on.

    Ah, the Foleo. I don't kiss and tell. But it helped that Smartphone Fanatics used to be called Foleo Fanatics.

    Alan G

  4. @ Rick – .mp3? Who still uses those anymore? LOL

    I'll post a .mp3 file this week at some point. I've been busy at work for a long time, but I if I waited until things got slow again, we could be waiting a long time for a new show.

    Alan G

  5. @ Bill – Hey, guy! There are lots of good shows out there, but I'm glad to here that you appreciate my special blend of wingnut commentary.

    There are a few things going on in the US cellular market that may have me joining you as an iPhone owner come spring 2011. webOS is great, but it's share is super small; almost below 1%. Sprint is becoming the Android Network and I'm not a big fan of Android. BlackBerry is the new Palm and that really only leaves the iPhone.

    Alan G

  6. Alan,

    Can't tell you how great it is to have you back…really good to hear your voice talking tech again!

    Hope you can record regularly…2 times a month would be great. If you do start a regularly scheduled show, setting up to download through iTunes would be helpful.

    –Rob Terry

  7. @Alan, haha… Ofcourse I know Foleo Fanatics ! I used to follow it every day (I'm foleo fanatic myself). If you know anyone who has a spare foleo that they need taking care of, just let me know and I'll contact you 🙂

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