Silicon Alley Insider on JPMorgan Tech Conference

Blogger Dan Frommer has posted some of his notes and impressions from this past Monday’s Palm presentation delivered by Palm VP & CFO Andy Brown. Of Palm’s presentation, Mr. Frommer writes:

“Palm’s (PALM) finance chief Andy Brown knows plenty about his company’s forthcoming Linux-based operating system, which has been under development for about two years and is set to be finished around the end of this year. (Yes, this is the miracle next-gen OS steered by former Apple engineering guru Jon Rubinstein.)

What does he want us to know about it? Nothing! In a fireside chat at JPMorgan’s annual tech conference, Brown refused to answer (with substance, at least) any questions about the OS, other than telling us it will be awesome and that it will be a platform for a bunch of devices, not just one.”

But my favorite few lines from the Silicon Alley Insider posting is this:

“- Next-gen OS is a platform for a range of products — not just one. “Clearly more of a platform for a range of products. One of the reasons we canceled a fairly significant product about a year ago was because we felt as though having a one, unified user experience for Palm products was important, that could be extensible beyond one product.””

Here’s to hoping that we see a Foleo II in 2009!

You can read the full post here


  • BaDZeD

    It was an interesting presentation indeed. The questions were more on point and I did notice a couple of interesting titbits.1) Looks like we might see another Foleo (the whole talk about Palm making the OS for various devices and why Foleo was canceled)2) Andy’s saying that he is intimately involved with the progress on Nova (which makes me hopeful he is right when he is talking about the system software being on track)

  • bulls96

    It was the very first conference call i have heard that mentions Palm is planning to build devices OTHER THAN a smartphone… which only means one other thing… FOLEO2!!!FOleofanatics are alive!! 😉