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Rumor: Treo 700wx Windows Mobile 6.0 Upgrade

Later this summer, it would appear that Palm is planning on releasing some ROM upgrades for their devices.

Of particular note is the Windows Mobile 6.0 Professional for the Verizon Treo 700wx. Note that this is not a Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional upgrade and it will not be made available for the Verizon Treo 700w. (The Treo 700w has 32MB of RAM versus the 64MB on the Treo 700wx.) Palm is also reportedly working on two minor upgrades for the Sprint Centro and Treo 755p for Verizon that will likely be released later this year.

According to the latest rumor, the Windows Mobile 6.0 update for the Treo 700wx is no different than the already released update for the AT&T Treo 750. Also like the Windows Mobile 6.0 update for the Treo 750, there are some important things to consider before applying the upgrade:

  • You can not revert back to Windows Mobile 5.0
  • The update will be available for free from the Palm website
  • The upgrade can only be downloaded once. You are advised to burn the installer to a CD before applying the upgrade
  • Any Treo 700wx sent in for repair service will automatically be upgraded
  • The upgrade can be installed either from the desktop computer or by running the upgrade directly off of a SD card

I honestly never expected this update to be released for the Treo 700wx. I’m glad to see that Palm will be releasing the update. A lot of Treo 700wx customers have been asking for it.

[Thanks to Ain’t No Snitch for the tip.]


  • BaDZeD

    On my Centro there is an app called “My Centro” with the user manual. That thing basically has an app store built in (“bonus software” tab). Palm could just utilize that. Btw, “my Centro” looks alot like the old AddIt program on my TX. I wonde if they are related.. 🙂