Rumor: Palm’s Foleo Coming August 22?

According to an article published on Brighthand earlier today, Palm’s Foleo Mobile Companion is scheduled to go on sale starting on August 22.

“When Palm announced the Foleo in May, it didn’t give a definite release date for this device, just that it would be available at some point this summer. According to an anonymous source, though, the first model in Palm’s new Mobile Companion class of products will debut on August 22.”

I have been unable to substantiate this rumor, however, the date would be in line with what Palm has previously stated about the Foleo going on sale “later this summer”. The staged launch with the Foleo becoming available from the online Palm store and at Palm retail outlets first and then other retailers later on is also consistent with statements made by Palm’s Senior Vice President, Marketing Brodie Keast.

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  • BaDZeD

    Cant wait to hear a full review from you, Alan 😀 (I read somewhere that you will be camping out at the Manhattan store aug. 22) Here in Tampa we dont have a Palm store so I wont be able to get a hands on look from the get go 🙁

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    BaDZed –Sorry for the long delay in posting your comment. I’m just now catching up on the days mail.I’ll have my full Foleo geek on, don’t worry about that. The only question is will I take the day off from work to go to NYC and get one or just order it online. (And you read that comment over on Brighthand.)Alan G