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Rumor: New BlackBerry Handsets On the Horizon

Late last week a friend of my told me that she was interested in renewing her contract with Sprint and what new BlackBerry phone she should get.

While reading up on the Windows Phone event I just wrote about, I noticed that also had written an article about the upcoming BlackBerry handsets that should be arriving at US carriers this summer.

I think my favorite model is the GPS/Wi-Fi enabled edition of the Curve.  Call me crazy, but I was addicted to my Curve 8330 that I used in the six months between my Palm Treo 755p and my Palm Pre.  I also liked the Verizon exclusive BlackBerry Storm2.  It is the only smartphone that I liked using the on screen keyboard on.  (Hey, I just said to call my crazy!)

If you are interested in reading about what to expect from Research In Motion this summer, check out BGR’s featured article.