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Rumor: CDMA Treo Pro on the Way

The China Economic News Service is running a story on their website reporting that Palm could be preparing to place an order with HTC for a CDMA version of the Treo Pro.

“Furthermore, Palm is planning to launch CDMA (code division multiple access) version of Treo Pro series phone in the future for CDMA telecom service providers, like Verizon, Wireless and Sprint. The phone will also be supplied by HTC. “

There is no word on when Palm may be ready to place the order, or whether or not the order has already been placed.

Keep things in perspective

Many readers know that I tend to get a little “Fanatic” about Palm OS II/Nova and the Foleo. Before this rumor gets too out of hand, we should note that the recently announced unlocked Treo Pro is a Windows Mobile device. With Palm OS II reportedly not scheduled to be released before the middle of 2009, any CDMA Treo Pro is likely to also be running Windows Mobile 6.1.


  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    No. There are only a few things we know about Palm OS II/Nova for sure:1. The core OS will be done by the end of 2009.2. At least one device running Palm OS II/Nova will be released by the middle of 2009.3. The Palm OS II/Nova SDK will be publicly released along side the Palm OS II/Nova product launch.We also know that Palm OS II/Nova is *NOT* Palm OS 6.0/Cobalt nor is it ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP). It will be something new developed by Palm.Alan G