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PreCentral: It’s Time To Fix Calendar

Derek Kessler, over at, has a good article posted about the improvements he would like to see Palm add to the webOS Calendar application.

The first issue that should be addressed, according to the article, should be the performance of the Calendar application. Mr. Kessler writes:

“What do I mean by too slow? When I swipe to a new day, it can take seconds for the gray loading overlay to disappear. That wouldn’t be so bad if I could still swipe to another day, but I have to wait for that day to load before I can move to the next. When I move to a day that has several events scheduled it takes even longer to load, which leads me to suspect that the calendar is checking for changes of for each event before letting me interact with or move on from that day.”

Another issue that is tabled in the article is that the Palm webOS Calendar should have feature parity with Palm OS 5 that is still used today in millions of Palm handheld devices as well as in Treo and Centro smartphones. The Palm OS 5 Calendar application has features such as pop-up description windows when you tap an event in week view and the agenda view. Summerizing the missing features between the Calendar application in Palm OS 5 and webOS 1.2.1, Mr. Kessler writes: “There is little reason for the webOS calendar to lose functionality from the aged Palm OS calendar.”

I agree. I was surprised that once I got home from my local Sprint store, after having waited in line for hours to be the first one to get a Pre, to learn that Palm’s flagship smartphone, in certain applications, had less features than my Treo 755p! Now I’m a little bit more tolerant of the missing features since the Pre is running a version 1.x operating system. The good news is that Palm has been repsonsive, much more so than in the past, to correcting bugs and adding new features. Buy the time we get to webOS 1.5, and certainly by 2.0, I would expect that Palm would have added many of the PIM application refinements to webOS.

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  • Pamela


    I have been truly surprised by the lack of attention Palm, Apple, and RIM give to their devices' built-in calendar apps. I am a long-time Palm user, and have used Agendus since it was called Action Names. I live in my calendar app more than any other, which is why a powerful calendar app is so important to me. Although I have an iPhone, I cannot part with my Treo 680 strictly because of the low functionality of the iPhone's calendar and the superior functionality of Agendus. Thanks to the Agendus monthly view **with icons** I can see what my day, week, and month look like in a single glance.

    When will these smartphone makers “get smart” about their calendar apps? Don't they, themselves, have need for a more functional calendar? I just don't get it!