Pre Journal: This is Nuts!

It’s just after 4am here on the East Coast and I’m up getting ready to get my Palm Pre. Things on my checklist include:

  1. Charge up my Treo 755p so I can transfer apps
  2. Sync my BlackBerry Curve to Outlook
  3. Backup the Curve before deactivation
  4. Shutdown corporate email access (no client for the Pre…yet)
  5. Sync Outlook to Google account for Synergy sync

I can’t believe that I’m up this early on a Saturday morning for a phone! This is nuts! I guess that’s why I’m a Smartphone Fanatic!

2 thoughts on “Pre Journal: This is Nuts!”

  1. It's posts like this, and the subsequent hour by hour ones, that make me love reading this blog and listening to your podcasts.

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