Pre Journal: Caseless Pre

The new Palm Pre wasn’t the only thing in short supply during yesterday’s launch event. The Sprint store I was at only had vehicle and home chargers for Palm’s latest mobile wonder. So what are all these new Pre owners suppose to do without cases?

Surely, you can use the cloth slip case that Palm includes in the box with the Pre, however, personally, I like a little bit more protection than that.

You can order Palm’s leather side case for the Pre from their website. It is currently selling for $39.99. I think I’m going to see if I can wait for a good accessories bundle from Palm, Sprint, Amazon, or Best Buy.

Until then, I discovered that my BlackBerry Curve 8330 belt holster case is a good fit for the Palm Pre. Sarah, a very nice lady that I met while waiting in line at the Sprint store, also discovered that the BodyGlove side loading leather case was also a good match for the Palm Pre. If you can stomach the idea of toting your new Palm Pre around in an “unofficial” case, you should try the BlackBerry or BodyGlove cases. The good news is that your local retail outlet should have these cases in stock!

You can check out all of Palm’s Pre accessories at the online Palm Store.

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