Palm OS JVM…Going, Going, Gone!

It has been a while since I last looked at the Palm blog, and it seems that I did just in time.

This weekend, 1/11/08, will be the last time Palm OS customers will be able to download the IBM WebSphere Micro Environment Java Virtual Machine, or Java JVM.

Power users of the Palm OS platform are already starting to boil over as this engine is the only way to run the Opera Mini web browsers on a Palm OS device.

Palm has not stated the reason for why the download is being pulled from the website, however the company does state that they will continue to support the software via the Palm website. The post does specifically state that Palm will not be able to offer updates or downloads after 1/11/08.

Make sure you download your installer today, because it won’t be able for much longer! To help Palm OS users out, this link will take you directly to the software download page, by passing the download form. Please note that the latest version of the Palm OS JVM no longer supports the Tungsten T2, Tungsten W, Zire 71, and earlier Palm OS devices.

IBM Palm OS WebSphere Micro Environment JVM download page