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Palm Backup Program Ending

The Palm Backup beta program for Palm OS smartphones is coming to an end on January 16, 2009.

In an email to current beta testers, Palm writes:

“Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for your participation in the Palm Backup Beta program. Palm is discontinuing this service on January 16, 2009. After this date, the beta will be closed and the data you have stored
through this service will be purged and no longer accessible. We want you to have a smooth transition. Please remove the Backup Beta application from your Palm device.

For information on how to delete an application, please visit:

If you need more information and support visit:

We look forward to providing you with mobile computing products and

The Palm Team”

Palm customers who where partcipating in the beta should check the mail address they used to register with for additional details.

Even with the Palm Backup beta closing, there are still back up applications for your favorite Palm device.

Customers who use a Palm OS device (PDA or smartphone) that has NVFS memory, including the Palm Tungsten E2 and T5, the Palm TX, the Palm Treo 650/700p/755p, and the Centro can download the freely available NVBackup by Alex Pruss. Resco Backup is another great commercal backup application. Windows Mobile Treo users can use Sprite Backup, which can be installed from their Palm software CD and can upgrade to the latest version directly from Sprite’s website.