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Meta-Doctoring: Part 5 – Sign of Life Check [Updated x2]

The installation of the meta-doctored webOS 2.1.0 install has completed!

Now the hard part - making sure everything is still working!

Update: All features and functions of webOS 2.1 appear to be working! Whoo-hoo!

On the agenda for the post software load is to:

1. See if I can log into one of my Palm profiles - Working!
2. Verify that webOS is running as expected - Working!
3. Connect to a Wi-Fi hot spot - Working!
4. Verify developer mode is on or can be activated - Working! (webos20090606)
5. Restore my Sprint PRL software - Working! (no update possible going forward)
6. Install the latest build of Preware - Working!
7. Apply some basic patches - Working!
8. Apply software tweaks from the webOS 2 upgrade wiki post - Working!
9. Backup the Pre to my alternate Palm profile - Working!
10. Access the HP App Catalog, install software - Working!
11. GPS access - Working!