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Magazine Subscriptons Coming to Apple’s iPad

It’s about time, seriously!  I have subscriptions to MacWorld, Time, and Entertainment Weekly and I’m looking forward to reading all of them in print and electronically on my iPad.  I have no idea if/when MacWorld and EW are coming to iPad.  So far, only People and Time are confirmed.  More electronic magazine subscriptions are likely to start showing up soon on the iPad if a report in Fortune is correct. writes:

According to Philip Elmer-DeWitt of Fortune, Time Inc. broke the impasse  that has existed for months between publishers and Apple. He said that Time’s other publications are expected to follow the same path as People in the next 30 days, including Fortune, Time, and Sports Illustrated.

“It’s not clear what took so long,” Elmer-DeWitt wrote. “Publishers who were encouraged to build iPad apps by Steve Jobs himself say they were ready from the start to make them free to subscribers. Until now, however, Apple would neither give them the tools they needed, nor explain what was holding them up.”

He added: “The publishers still can’t sell subscriptions through the App Store, which is how they would prefer to do it.”

If you have a subscription to People magazine, you can get the digital subscription goodness right now. [App Store link]