I Can’t Wait For My Treo 755p

Foleo Fanatics readers who also listen to my weekly Palm Powered podcast know that I’ve purchased a blue Treo 755p. And I can’t wait for it to get here.

Just today, my Treo 700p (with the 1.10 MR applied) has crashed on me 5 times. Once while surfing the web with Blazer. Again when I was checking the weather. A third time while reading my corporate email. The 700p took break this afternoon while it was sitting idle on my desk. And a fifth time just a few minutes ago when I placed it in my Palm Treo cradle.

Did I mention blue is my favorite color?

One Comment

  • BaDZeD

    And now you have a new rom update to play with 🙂 Looks like Palm is getting a lot snappier in addressing the problems.