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How Many Apps Do You Have on Your Pre?

I ran across an interesting, let’s call it an “anomaly” because I think “problem” or “issue” is too strong a word right now, with the Pre and installing applications.

I’ve noticed that there are some people who are reporting that they are getting out of space errors when attempting to install applications, official or homebrew, on their Palm Pre smartphones.

The number of apps for webOS that Palm has in their App Catalog is really small when compared with the number of applications that are available for the iPhone or even the Palm OS platform. That said, there is a vibrant underground community of webOS application developers who are developing what are being called homebrew applications for the webOS platform. If you aren’t familiar with homebrew apps for the Pre, check out the website as they have some really good resources for getting homebrew apps on your Pre and have a homebrew app gallery going.

The interesting thing is that some, definitely not all, are reporting that after installing some number of applications on their Pre, they start getting the out of space warning when attempting to install a new application. The kicker is that there is plenty of free space for a small HTML, CSS, and JavaScript application on the device. In the few cases I was reading about, people are installing some 50+ apps on their Pre, with one user reporting an issue trying to load the 100th app on his Pre. And I thought I had a lot with my 8 downloads from the App Catalog.

Are you suffering from too many apps on your Pre? If so, let us know by clicking the Comments link below and dropping us a line.