Happy Anniversary Foleo Fanatics!

This week, Foleo Fanatics turns 1! It has been an interesting year, to be sure. Since we started up the site, we have watched Palm launch the Treo 755p, the Treo 750, the Treo 500, and the wildly popular consumer oriented Centro smartphone!

We also watched as Palm launched their portal as a beta program to provide Palm smartphone customers with free, 24/7 technical support, software alerts and updates, how-to videos. Palm also introduced us to their new self-paced learning site which has been designed to help smartphone owners new and old learn more about their devices.

However, it hasn’t been all good times. In September 2007, we stood by as Palm canceled the Foleo Mobile Companion, and we found out that it would be another year before Palm’s Linux-based operating system, Palm OS II/Nova would appear on new hardware.

Even with the cancellation of the Foleo, there are things to look forward to. Palm has partnered with private equity firm Elevation Partners to help revitalize the company and help them to deliver on crisp product execution. The Centro was the first device that has come to market after this partnership. The much rumored Treo 800w and Treo 850 will be the second and third. And speaking of the new Treo smartphones, Palm has been working to redesign the Treo form factor as something that is functional and more in line with other contemporary smartphones. The biggest things that readers of Foleo Fanatics are getting excited about is the completion of Palm’s next-generation Linux-based operating system, Palm OS II/Nova and the possibility of a new Foleo.

Palm OS II/Nova is going to be the successor to Palm OS 5 which is running on today’s Palm smartphones and traditional handheld PDAs. But Palm OS II/Nova isn’t just for smartphones. Palm has said it will become a platform around which more than just smartphones will be based on. This means that any new Foleo or Foleo-like device will be running this new OS platform.

Happy Anniversary fellow Foleo Fanatics! Here’s to another year of news and analysis of all things Palm!


  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    I certainly hope so, Bulls96. Colligan has stated on a few occasions since the Foleo cancellation announcement that the idea is a solid one (just look at the sub-notebook market a year after the Foleo introduction at All Things Digital last year).I think that between now and then we could be looking at a Foleo II launch.Alan G