Get a Free copy of Sudoku Deluxe

The Palm online store is running a special on Sudoku Deluxe on CD. Sudoku Deluxe normally sells for $19.99, however if you buy online now, you can use a mail in rebate for the purchase price.

Sudoku Deluxe works on many of Palm’s Treo smartphones and handheld PDAs. The Centro and the Treo 755p aren’t specifically listed, however, I would be very surprised if the software didn’t run just fine on those newer devices.

System Requirements:

  • Palm® devices running PalmOS®’ 3.5 or higher with 2MB of free program memory.
  • Windows Mobile Pocket PC 2000 or higher devices with 4MB of free program memory.
  • PC with CDROM drive running Windows 98 or higher.

Visit http://www.filaomobile.com/ for complete list of compatible devices.

This looks like it can be a great stocking stuffer for your favorite Palm owner on your holiday shopping list. This offer is good until November 15, 2007.

More details, and the rebate form, can be found on Palm’s website


  • torojet

    Alan, thanks for posting this. I was wondering if Sudoku would be free since it’s bundled with the Centro- you answered my thoughts and made the search easy.Incidentally, any thoughts on the reported i-Mate Foleo-like companion? I’d love it if these sort of movements in the market give Palm motivation to give us the Foleo II sooner.

  • Alan Grassia, Staff Writer

    Centro customers will get a bundled copy of Astraware Sudoku. It is a good game. I purchased a copy of my 700p. The version that Palm is selling is a different version, but will run on more devices, including a PC.As for the i-Mate, no I don’t have any specific comments as I’m not really following it. I do have a comment on the Foleo II. First of all, I’m sure Palm is reviewing the Foleo I and all the comments that they received from the Foleo events, beta test, and the press. I really believe at this point, Palm will do another Foleo. I don’t, however, expect to see the Foleo II until at least the second half of 2009 now that Palm OS II won’t be appearing in a new Treo until the spring of 2009.